Thursday, 9 March 2017

Choosing the right journal in 2017

Neuroscience journals that do what I want

With all the changes happening in academia, and your personal ethic on top (e.g. by default not publishing with Elsevier see e.g. it can be challenging to think of a good place to publish your work.

Do not fear, data bases are here !

Actually, it's not really data bases and more like lists of journals (but it made my title sounds better). What kind of journal I think are great, those who pledge to follow TOP guidelines. COS has a list of those. On top of that, I want journals in neuroscience and the like that have joined peer review system, INCF has a list for that too. Now simply cross those et voila.

And the winner are 

    'Behavioral and Brain Functions'
    'European Journal of Neuroscience'
    'Neural Development'

Yes, only 4 of the 738 TOP signatories are also part of the neuroscience peer review consortium - disappointing, let's hope for 2018.